Site Down for Last 10 hours, Fixed Now!!

If you have tried to visit in the past 10 hours or so, chances are that you might have seen just a blank page and nothing else. This was all due to some server migrations being done by our web host. I apologize for any inconvenience  it has caused to you.

It all started with our Web host Dreamhost migrating this site to a new server for better performance yesterday(Aug 4, 2009) at 9.30 PM IST.

Though they migrated all the files and database successfully to a new server but there was some issue with WP-Super Cache plugin, which i use to cache wordpress posts for better performance. The paths it used to store and deliver cached files went wrong with the migration which made all the pages go blank. All this happened when i was asleep.

When i woke up today and checked Web Developer Plus at 6.30 AM IST(Aug 5, 2009) it showed blank page. I was quite surprised. Then i checked my email inbox which had an email from dreamhost about the migration to new server. Then i tried to find out the problem and found that there were two problems.

  • The upload path in wp_options table is not correct
  • WP-Super Cache plugin is causing problem too

The first problem was easily fixed from phpMyAdmin but the second problem took time. Firstly, i disabled all the plugins by renaming the plugins folder in wp-content folder and creating an empty plugins folder. This technique did not work. Then i found the wp-cache-config.php and cache folder in the wp-content folder and renamed it.

This made the site work but without any plugins as all plugins were disabled. Then i renamed my old plugins folder back to plugins and this enabled all the plugins that were required.

So, this was all about the downtime for last 10 hours which is fixed now and site is up and running well.

If you have experienced any such downtime, please tell us about it in comments below.

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