15+ Excellent jQuery Plugins To Enhance HTML Forms

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QuickSelect adds auto suggest type drop down functionality to textbox. It is very easy to integrate into your application and can work with a server side script using JSON. It can also convert a select box into auto suggesting dropdown textbox.

2. SexyCombo

Sexy Combo

This plugin turns existing select boxes into combination of text input and select list so that user can start typing into combobox to select an option.

3. prettyCheckboxes


This plugin makes sure that checkboxes and radio button look the same in different browsers.

4. jQuery Date Range Selector

Date Range Selector

If you need to accept range of dates from user, then this plugin is indispensable as it provides user with an intuitive way to select dates and date ranges.

5. jQuery Date Picker


If you just need to input a single date and not range of dates, then use this plugin as it makes inputting dates much easier for the user.

6. Modal Preview


Modal Preview lets users preview what they have entered into the textarea in a modal window. You can adjust the animation, opacity and set whether html is allowed in textarea or not.

7. Text Input Limiter

Unlike text input box, textarea does not provide an option to limit the number of characters that can be typed into it, but with this plugin, you can limit the number of characters that can be input to textarea. Using it is quite simple, just a single line will do.


8. Javascript Image Combo Box


With this plugin, you can create some great looking select boxes, as it allows you to add images next to each option of select box or you can even use only images as the select box options.

9. prettyComments


This plugin makes height of textareas dynamic based on length of the text entered into textarea.

10. Textarea Resizer


With this plugin, you can let users resize the textareas used within forms, similar to the functionality that Google Chrome offers.

11.Mark It Up


With MarkItUp, you can convert textareas into powerful HTML, BBCode or Wiki editor. With just one line of code, your textarea will become a full fledged editor.

12. Damn Small Rich Text Editor

Damn Small rich Text Editor

As its name suggests, it is an extremely light weight jQuery plugin that can convert a textarea into a decent rich text editor.

13. jQuery Forms Plugin

Using this plugin, you can ajaxify any HTML form. It provides you with full control over how form data is submitted and how to handle response from the server.

14. Validation

The jQuery Validation plugin lets you easily define validation rules for form elements and it makes sure user only enters the correct input data. It can easily integrate with jQuery Forms plugin if you wish to use ajaxified forms.

15.  Chained combobox

Chained Select-Boxes

With this plugin, you can create stunning ajaxified chained select boxes using ajax call back and JSON response from the server.

16. jQuery Color Picker


This plugin is very useful in case you need to input color values from user. It adds a drop down color picker to a simple text box that pops up when user places cursor in textbox or clicks on the icon next to textbox.

If you would like to add some other useful jQuery plugin to this list, feel free to share them in comments below.



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  1. Yair even or says:

    Hey, very nice collection! :)

    funny, I wrote the Text Input Limiter 2 years ago, forgot all about it..
    I also wrote another cool plugin like (9) prettyComments, just a hell
    of a lot cooler :p but never published it.. I think I should

    Great working you guys, thumbs up!

  2. Thanks for the great write-up.
    You might also be interested in jqTransform ( http://www.dfc-e.com/metiers/multimedia/opensource/jqtransform/ ) and Niceforms ( http://www.emblematiq.com/projects/niceforms/ )
    They’re great for styling forms easily and transparently.

  3. Seven says:

    Never heard of this Color Picker Plugin. Awesome!

  4. Naresh says:

    hey, awesome collection. i hope it will be very helpful for web developers. thumbs up…

  5. Tim Bennett says:

    Oh wow, bookmarked. Colour picker in particular looks great.

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