40 Fresh & Beautiful Examples of Websites With Large Backgrounds

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Using large sized pictures or illustrations as your website’s background adds a great visual appeal to your website’s design. Many web designers use large images as backgrounds as more and more users are now opting for high resolution monitors and high speed internet connections. Here’s a showcase of 40 Fresh and amazing websites that are using large background images.

1. The Pixel Blog

The Pixel Blog

2. Copimaj Interactive

Copimaj Interactive

3. Flourish Web Design

Flourish Web Design

4. Abduction Lamp

Abduction Lamp

5. Morphix Design Studio

Morphix Design Studio

6. Final Phase

Final Phase

7. Make Photoshop Faster

Make Photoshop Faster

8. WebSarga

Web Sarga

9. Suie Paparude

Suie Paparude

10. Duirwaigh Studios

Duirwaigh Studios

11. BlackMoon Design

BlackMoon Design

12. Sepitra


13. Le Blog de Gruny

Le Blog de Gruny

14. Piipe


15. Mozi Design Studio

Mozi Design Studio

16. Electric Current

Electric Current

17. Lora Bay Golf

Lora Bay Golf

18. Life Style Sports

LifeStyle Sports

19. ligne triez

ligne triez

20. Oliver Kavanagh

Oliver Kavanagh

21. World of Merix Studio

Merix Studio

22. Le Web Defi


23. How host

How host

24. Productive Dreams

Productive Dreams

25. Gary Birnie

Gary Birnie

26. Glocal Ventures

Glocal Ventures

27. GDR UK


28. Absolute Bica

Absolute Bica

29. Le Nordik

Le Nordik

30. Leaf Tea Shop & Bar

Leaf Tea Shop

31. Paul Smith

Paul Smith

32. EwingCole


33. Dolphins Communication Design

Dolphins Design

34. Danny Diablo

Danny Diablo

35. Inner Metro Green

Inner Metro Green

36. Matt Salik

Matt Salik

37. Revyer


38. Yodaa


39. Dripping in Sunshine

Dripping in Sunshine

40. Big Break ’09

Big Break '09



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    great collection


  2. Nice collection. Thanks for sharing

  3. Werewolves says:

    Check out the werewolves.com site for another example.

  4. Gary says:

    Ha ha brilliant!! Thanks for including me!!!!!!

  5. I like these new look of websites, where everything is big, clean, readable. These ‘WordPress’ look. Sadly blogger doesn’t have such a beautifull templates.

  6. Mozi says:

    Well Thanks for adding Mozi design studio :)

  7. lutvia says:

    A good collection, but it would be great if you add tutorial

    thanks for share dude

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    i want to test ajax comment plugin

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